DocuDriven Provides Secure HIPAA-Compliant Off-Site Storage

  • Do you need more office space?

  • Do you have a good disaster recovery plan with your paper?

  • Are you really compliant to these governing bodies?

      • HIPAA
      • HI-Tech
      • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
      • FOIA
      • State Associated Regulations


DocuDriven offers you 24/7 high-level secure document storage in the Portland, Oregon area.


    • HIPAA-compliant.
    • C-TPAT certified.
    • Unlimited storage capacity.
    • We assist you with regulatory compliance related to storage, security, and retention requirements.
    • We purge your stored boxes at the end of their required retention period, and destroy by secure shredding.
    • We recycle 100% of the shredded material.
    • Door alarms and motion detectors monitored by qualified security personnel.
    • All entry and exit points are monitored by camera 24/7, and maintained via digital video recording for 180 days.
    • Fire and smoke alarms monitored 24/7. 
    • All steel shelving and rack systems.
    • Complete fire suppression system throughout facility.
    • Controlled and limited access to all customer materials.
    • All visitors must sign in and be escorted by DocuDriven personnel while in restricted areas of the facility at all times, including (without limitation): customer employees, contractors, and other authorized representatives.
    • DocuDriven personnel are HIPAA trained. 
    • DocuDriven provides you with a Business Associate Agreement.


For an affordable and consistent monthly fee, your paper documents or other valuable items are professionally managed and securely stored. Retrieval of those items is easy for those authorized.

Please Contact Us to accommodate your secure storage needs.