DocuDriven provides scanning and conversion services


 DocuDriven provides scanning and conversion services

Why digitize documents?

Are you tired of all that paper floating around your office?

Are bulky filing cabinets and boxes of files taking up valuable space?

Do you spend more time and money filing and finding documents than doing work that will profit your business?

Do you ever think “if I converted these documents to electronic images, life would be much easier”?

Do you wish that you could access office documents while away from the office?

Backfile Conversions

Have someone else scan all those old files.

Backfile conversion is the process of replacing large amounts of documents with digital images. Many businesses look at this as a big deterrent to doing anything about digitizing their documents, so nothing gets done. We can do it for you.

Daily Paper and Electronic Processing

DocuDriven provides you with ongoing daily scanning services. DocuDriven can pick up your documents from your facility, or you can send them to us. These daily documents are then scanned, indexed, and uploaded into your appropriate business application system in a timely manner.

Off-Site Scanning

We scan at our office and you get the benefits!

We have a HIPPA compliant office that secures your physical documents. We have a professional staff practiced in scanning and converting a wide assortment of documents.

Data Entry Service

We also provide data entry services. Data entry can be so overwhelming and costly, sometimes leading to incorrect indexing, resulting in lost data; It can also create compliance issues. DocuDriven is in the business of providing efficient and cost-effective methods to capture data accurately. This is done by manual data streamlined entry methods and/or OCR/ICR software.

On-Site Scanning

We scan at your office and you get the benefits!

Some organizations prefer the work to be done in their own facility. Some organizations have regulations that preclude data physically leaving their building. We can help with that too.

Scanning Feature Options

  • Free pickup and delivery*
  • Variety of document types and sizes scanned
  • Full text search capability
  • Document preparation
  • Multiple types of outputs, from DVD to FTP
  • Image clean-up
  • Document scanning
  • Image indexing and index verification
  • Data conversion
  • High speed image capture
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning options
  • Document destruction services
*2000 document minimum in the Portland Metro area