Integrations, Conversions, Web Services and Mobile Apps

Are you telling yourself:

    • I want more out of my system and I can’t get anyone to figure it out.
    • I have more programming than resources.
    • I need more reporting but I don’t know how to do it.
    • I need more reporting but I don’t have the time.
    • I have to integrate two systems together and I don’t know how to do it.
    • I’ll bet someone can help me access my documents on my phone or tablet.
    • I am sure someone has figured out how to take a picture of a document on my phone and send it so it integrates directly into my line of business software at work.


We can help!

DocuDriven has worked in hundreds of different environments to:
    • Integrate data between multiple systems
    • Provide user-driven software to help the end-user easily integrate their own data.
    • Extract data from one system for various uses.
    • Extract data from multiple systems for various uses, such as data warehouse environment.
    • Poplulate data into systems for various reasons.
    • Be involved in numerous other integration projects for user viewing, printing other needs.


DocuDriven has converted data from one system to another for well over 100 different clients. We provide support for different types of data conversion components:

    • Consulting Analysis
    • Project Management
    • Data Conversion
    • Data Testing


Web Services

We provide web services programming for those who need it.



Mobile Apps

DocuDriven offers the following mobile capability:


Mobile Document Capture/Send

DocuDriven’s “DDSend” will soon be released as its newest mobile application.


    • It saves the user time and aggravation in dealing with documents out in the field.
    • It provides the organization immediate knowledge of all documents in the field.
    • It provides the organization enhanced financial visibility.



    • Works with multiple document types
    • Capture a picture/document using the phone’s camera
    • Entry of index values
    • Default values for fields
    • Generates a unique ID for an index (ex: PO number generation)
    • Central configuration for an organization about document types and where to send them
    • Local phone configuration for default field values
    • Resizing of large image files before sending
    • Queued sending of files when there is no internet connection
    • Local viewing of status log about sent files
    • Central organization reporting of sent files


DocuDriven’s DDSend provides the ability for individuals in the field to capture their receipts, records, or even generate a PO and quickly submit it, with the appropriate index fields, to a central repository.


Mobile Document Viewing/Using

This mobile feature-set enables individuals out of the office to view and manage documents in a centralized environment.

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