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Paper File Management is


It takes expensive time to process and file paper records.

Today’s customers have higher expectations for response and data than paper records allow.

Valuable information stored on paper records is not readily available for use.

Access to paper records is either complicated or not available for remote and mobile users.

Management’s visibility to their business is buried in paper records.

It costs a lot of money to store paper records.

Compliance with paper records is incredibly harder compared to digitized records.

Having paper records limits your best disaster recovery program. Normally, you have no backup for paper records.


Of Going Digital

Decrease Direct Costs

You use less paper, toner, staples, paper clips, file folders, boxes, file cabinets, etc. You greatly reduce copy machine expenses and energy consumption. You get back expensive real estate in the office our out on the production floor.

Increased Efficiency

Significantly quicker access to records with increased search options. You can automate record management workflow spending less time tracking down records through email and walking the office. Simpler record access comes with digitizing records with purpose.

Decreased Indirect Costs

Precious time spent on processing and locating paper records is dramatically reduced. One school district saved over 90% of their time processing requests for records when going from paper to digital.

Increased Effectiveness

You can access digitized records from anywhere there is an internet connection 24 hours a day.  You greatly reduce the lost records and human error in your company. Visibility of important data is now available for upper management to use.

Increased Compliance and Security

It is easier to follow record retention and privacy laws. There are better security methods for authorized access. You get an automatic audit trail. Auditors are easier to accommodate and will take less of your time.

Increased Disaster Recovery

You can have redundant electronic backups. Fire, flood, earthquakes, and other natural disaster’s will not have the damaging impact on your business like it could.

Increased Profitabilty

The above six benefits will increase your profits.


Of Going with DocuDriven

Highly Secure

We use highly secure document transfer methods for providing you digitized documents.

Price Competitive

We give you the best overall price and make it simple to understand.

We Care

We treat your documents as our own.

Great Customer Service

We come to you in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho to pick up your documents.

Stay Compliant

We are trusted by multiple industries, including schools, governments, medical facilities, and other businesses for handling all their document types. We focus on being a HIPAA compliant facility.

Very Timely

We meet or exceed our client’s expectations of providing quality digitized documents in a timely manner.

Full-Featured Digitization Functionality

We include everything from full-text search documents to color scanning.

All Inclusive Service

We can bring the boxes, create control documents, fill the boxes with records, and safely take them away. Your effort to digitize can be minimized.

Superior Quality

Our high-level quality control ensures accuracy and readability in reproducing your documents.

Flexible Partner

We work as your partner to best solve your digitization needs and are adaptable to your requirements.

Seasoned Experts

We are seasoned experts in document and data digitization methods and processes.

DocuDriven’s Scanning


Statement of Work

We provide a Statement of Work for each engagement stating how we will successfully fulfill your objectives.


We work with you to create a flexible scanning schedule that fits your needs.

Inventory Control

Each unit (box) is coded and prioritized. Documents are identified based on your instructions.

Document Preparation

We remove documents from binders and other containers along with removing staples, paperclips, etc.

Image Processing

We provide page orientation, deskew, full-text conversion processing for text-searching capability, and much more.

Indexing Structure

We record the various indexes defined by you on each document.

Quality Control

We strive for 100% satisfaction. We have multiple people scanning and validating the digitizing process.

Document Export

We create various output files including PDF, TIFF, etc. We also provide highly secure document transfer protocols for quick and secure transfer of digitized documents.

Post Digitized Document Options

You decide if you want the documents back, securely destroyed (with a certificate of destruction) or stored in our secure storage facility for an extended period.

Frequently Asked Questions


I am not familiar how to convert from paper to digital. How do I know if I am doing it the best way for our company?

DocuDriven’s expertise is in helping people realize they have already done most of the preparation necessary. We leverage our expertise helping you organize your valuable thoughts and produce a ready-to-use conversion control document. Often this process takes less than 1 hour.

How can we load these digitized documents into our system?

DocuDriven’s expertise in integrating with hundreds of systems benefits you. We consult with you on how best to integrate your digital documents and provide support to accomplish that goal. This support includes how best to input them into your existing line of business system, or to put them into a new document management system.

What if we end up needing a document you are digitizing?

DocuDriven will scan documents we have for you within 24 hours or less, and securely send it to you, at no additional charge.

When should I start to digitize my records?

Today! Stopping paper processing will save you time, money, and a lot of headaches. DocuDriven will consult with you through this decision-making process.

I don’t have the time to get my documents ready to be digitized.

We provide an all-inclusive service.  We can bring in the boxes, create control documents, fill the boxes with your documents, and safely transport them to our secure location. Your efforts to digitize your documents can be minimal. You will be surprised with how little time you need to get ready.

How will this affect our audits?

Digital records should be a great benefit to you in your audits. Auditors will be able to complete an audit much faster than before. They will take less of your time too.

Can I trust my records to DocuDriven?

Yes, you can. We are a HIPAA compliant facility. We will treat your records as our own.  We have digitized records for numerous organizations including highly sensitive medical records, human resources, legal records, accounting records in government, education, business, construction, and health-related industries.

How good can my digitized documents look compared to my paper documents?

Often, it is difficult to tell the original from the digitized version, depending on the image processing thresholds you require and the investment you want to make. Most clients are very pleased with our high standard of service.

How far back should I go in digitizing my records?

Our first recommendation is to adhere to the retention policies of the types of documents you are digitizing. DocuDriven can consult with you so you can make the best decision on how far back, if at all, you want to digitize your records.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“We thought it would take a long time, and have a high cost to have someone else scan all our important documents. DocuDriven made both issues disappear.”

Linda Sue Graff, Accounts Payable Supervisor, The Amalgamated Sugar Company

“The service feature of DocuDriven picking up our documents, scanning them, and providing a digital copy was fantastic.”

John Mendenhall, Director of Procurement, TASCO

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