Document Management software solutions help optimize your business.

  • Never lose another document from misfiling
  • Improve your response time for better customer satisfaction
  • Enhance data security
  • Reduce the necessary space requirements in your office
  • Increase your regulatory compliance
  • Decrease your costs for postage, paper and labor
  • Increase profitability


 Document Management Software

Document Management Software (DMS), also known as “Electronic Content Management” (ECM) software, is a wide-ranging set of tools designed to help you create and manage a paperless office. DocuDriven has chosen Digitech Systems, Inc. as our main DMS solution provider. DocuDriven combines the knowledge of business process with Digitech’s world-class DMS to provide you a robust paperless solution.

Basic document management functions include:

1. Capture/Modify/Index/Verify
2. Store/Use/Retain


These basic functions are described below.

This lifecycle of document management provides organizations the ability to improve their information management so efficiency is increased and costs are reduced.

DocuDriven vs Windows vs Paper

Storing your files in filing cabinets or on a Windows computer isn’t always the fastest, smartest, or most secure way to go. See why DocuDriven is the right solution to document management.

DocuDriven vs Windows vs Paper

DocuDriven offers two technology choices of Document Management Software (DMS):

On-Site DMS – Secure and local enterprise content management

Our On-Site solution will help you get to a paperless environment at your location. In our day, this is becoming more and more important. Efficiency in an environmental friendly world is the call of the day.

DocuDriven’s On-Site DMS solution comes in two components.


The first component is the “Capture/Modify/Index/Verify” portion as described in our short explanation of DMS above. We offer two products that fit in this category.

“PaperVision® Capture” – PaperVision Capture provides more of a “pick and choose” option for the features you would like to start with in capturing the data from a document or electronic file. This is best for a more distributed capture environment where there are multiple people capturing, modifying, indexing and verifying information prior to it being loaded into the document repository.

“PaperFlow™” – PaperFlow combines multiple features such as scanning and indexing into one product. This is best for a less distributed capture environment.



The second component includes organizing the storage and then using your digitized files. It also helps you automate your retention plan (retain) policy of the content.

“PaperVision® Enterprise” is the product that offers these important content management capabilities. You can control access and increase security down to the document level. You can access and manage files directly from Microsoft Office and the major software applications you use daily. It also provides ready access to all documents within the user’s electronic reach.


Cloud DMS – Anywhere you desire, Anytime you want

DocuDriven offers you the ability to securely store your documents off-site so you can freely access and process those important documents from any web browser anywhere you are (providing you have internet access), anytime you want to.

This solution comes in two components also:


The first component is the same that is offered in the On-Site DMS option above.


“ImageSilo®”. ImageSilo offers the storage of the content and its’ access in the cloud. Digitech took PaperVision Enterprise and put it up in the cloud.

Implementation and Training of these products can be done on-site or on-line depending on the environment and desire.

ImageSilo can be up and running in one day.

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Electronic Forms (E-forms)

Think beyond filling out a paper form or fillable PDF!

    • People still filling out paper forms?
    • People fill out PDF forms and you take the data and put it somewhere else?
    • Wouldn’t it be nice to have a form on your website that a person fills out and submits and the form’s data is available for integration with other systems?
    • DocuDriven can help you realize this additional way to optimize your business processes. 

E-forms Benefits

    • Eliminate the cost of printing, storing, and distributing pre-printed forms.
    • Eliminate the waste of obsolete forms.
    • Can be filled out faster because the programming associated with them can automatically format, calculate, look up, and validate information for the user.
    • Provide digital signatures
    • Can eliminate the cost of re-keying data and the associated errors.
    • Help documents become legible. 


Please Contact Us to find out more about how E-Forms can optimize your business processes.


Workflow Software

Automate more processes in your organization

    • Is a process always getting stuck somewhere and you can’t get past it easily?
    • Do you need to follow a specific process in order to be compliant?
    • Do you need a secure audit trail showing due process?
    • Are you always trying to decrease the time it takes to get a document from point A to point B?
    • Are there a few supervisors who could use a “reminder” to keep things moving along?
    • Is it confusing to figure out the status of an approval?
    • Are you losing money because it takes too long to process paper?
    • Are you wondering how you can optimize a business process?


We can solve these problems:

DocuDriven has partnered with Digitech Systems, Inc. to offer their PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow software module. WorkFlow enables businesses to automate standardized business processes, routing any document, anywhere, anytime, all while tracking the process and alerting users of new work assignments. Best of all WorkFlow is available with our On-Site DMS solution, PaperVision Enterprise or Cloud DMS solution, ImageSilo. 

DocuDriven provides the software, training and technical interfacing expertise of using WorkFlow to help you run around less so you save both time and money.


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