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The Problems of Paper and Manual-based Processing

  • Time consuming dealing with physical documents
  • Matching invoices with POs and packing slips is complicated
  • Lack in control, visibility and accuracy
  • Environmentally unfriendly
  • Seasonal ups and downs cause multiple issues
  • Frustrating when invoices are lost
  • Not always current with federal and state regulations
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Companies that switch from paper to electronic saved $5.46 per invoice.


High automation companies have saved 70% of the cost to process vendor payments.

API Outsourcing

Let DocuDriven do it for you!

If you are ready to lower processing costs and switch to a more effective solution, DocuDriven can help! We offer a complete solution to automate and process your accounts payable.


We process your paper invoices/statements into an electronic format for easier use and retrieval.

E-mail Processing

We automatically process e-mails with attached invoices for you.

Automatic Three-way Validation

Invoices, purchase orders, and packing slips can be automatically validated.

Duplicate Checking

Duplicate invoices can be screened.

Automated Review

We provide you a secure, cloud-based, quick and easy solution to automatically review and approve your invoice data and images.

Electronic Integration

Your invoice data and images are integrated electronically with your accounting and document management software.

Accounts Payable Solutions Certified

DocuDriven’s principal management has received it’s Accounts Payable for Solutions Consultants Certification by the Institute of Finance and Management.

Quality Results

With DocuDriven, you receive improved data accuracy and compliance, increased speed to completion and reduced cost in processing your AP.

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