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DocuDriven is a Business Process Optimization (BPO) company with an emphasis on Data and Document Management.

DocuDriven is a Business Process Optimization (BPO) company with an emphasis on Data and Document Management.

Document Management – Software, Electronic Forms, Workflow
Accounts Payable Automation – Services and Software
Scanning and Conversion Services – Paper, Microfiche, Microfilm, Aperture Card, Indexing, Data Entry, OCR, Backfile Conversion
Consulting – Business, Education, Healthcare, Government
Programming – Integrations, Conversions, Mobile, Web
Secure Document Storage – HIPAA Compliant, Secure Off-site

DocuDriven is based out of La Center, Washington, just north of Portland, Oregon. DocuDriven offers products and services locally, nationally, and internationally. We incorporate green policies to promote a better environment. In March 2015 DocuDriven acquired Affordable Document Management (ADM), a Lake Oswego, Oregon business since 1999.


DocuDriven’s principal management either has helped, or is helping optimize business process for numerous organizations. Please Click Here to see a few of them.

Please call us at 360-760-4266 or Contact Us so we can help you realize your business process optimization needs.



AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) is the global community of information professionals. Our mission is to help you and your organization survive and thrive in the era of Information Chaos by solving these 4 key business problems:

    1. How do we manage the risk of growing volumes of content?
    2. How do we automate our content-intensive business processes?
    3. How do we use content to better engage and collaborate?
    4. How do we gain business insight from all of this information?We solve these key issues by; providing market research, expert advice, a community to network with and providing skills development in the information and image management space.- See more at: http://www.aiim.org/About

Vision Statement We desire to create for all stakeholders a safe, prosperous, wildly successful, value-based organization by offering affordable electronic document management solutions giving customers the ability to get any document, anywhere, anytime®. Mission Statement Our mission is to create a competitive advantage for our customers by delivering value-priced, easy-to-use, feature rich, architecturally flexible document management software and services supported by legendary customer service.- See more at: http://www.digitechsystems.com/About

DocuDriven is a certified “Clark County Green Business”.The Clark County Green Business Program recognizes and celebrates the achievements of green businesses. Our businesses demonstrate that going green is good for the environment and good for business. The program provides an environmental assessment, resources, and assistance to businesses seeking a structured approach to implementing green initiatives and measuring results.- See more at: http://www.clarkgreenbiz.com/780/about.html


DocuDriven’s principal management has received it’s Accounts Payable for Solutions Consultants Certification by the Institute of Finance and Management. This is one of the newer certifications for the Institute as they recognize the importance of organizations needing outside help for internal organizational needs. DocuDriven is committed to optimizing Accounts Payable to the fullest extent an organization desires. See more at The Institute of Finance and Management at: http://www.iofm.com/